Descendants of Elizabeth Chard and Aaron Cooke

Descen­dants of Eliz­a­beth Chard and Aaron Cooke:

  • Arthur Twin­ing Hadley (1856–1930), econ­o­mist and pres­i­dent of Yale Uni­ver­sity (1899–1921)
  • Henry Lee Hig­gin­son (1834–1919), banker, founder of the Boston Sym­phony Orches­tra, and Har­vard benefactor
  • Thomas Went­worth Hig­gin­son (1823–1911), reformer, essay­ist, Colonel of the 1st black Union regiment
  • John Phillips Mar­quand II (1893–1960), novelist
  • William Syd­ney Porter (“O. Henry”) (1862–1910), short story writer
  • William Williams (1731–1811), signer of the Dec­la­ra­tion of Independence
  • Eliphalet Rem­ing­ton, Jr. (1793 — 1861), inven­tor and firearms manufacturer
  • Fred­eric Sack­rider Rem­ing­ton (1861–1909), painter, illus­tra­tor, and sculp­tor noted for his real­is­tic por­trayal of life in the Amer­i­can West
  • Noah Web­ster, Jr. (1758–1843), lex­i­cog­ra­pher and com­piler of Amer­i­can Dic­tio­nary of the Eng­lish Language
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