Clapp Connections

Thurs­day, June 8, 2006

Clapp con­nec­tions

I just heard from a Clapp rel­a­tive still liv­ing in Eng­land.  They con­tacted the Strong fam­ily to offer help if needed for any­thing in the Old Country!

I was thrilled to hear from them.  I am related to the Clapp line through my Ebenezer link.

How excit­ing to hear from a cousin 400 years removed!
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  1. I too am related through the Ebe­neezer line to Nathaniel, Noah, Noah, “Lemuel” (our miss­ing link), Lewis, Van Renssler, Lydia, Martha, Mary Lou, Cheryl and then me! I don’t know why no one has lemuel in their list­ings he is in his wife (mary bigelow)‘s fam­ily book.

    Shan­non Reeves

  2. I am a Tenth Gen­er­a­tion fo Elder John Strong and Marg­erie Deane. I am the sole sur­vivor of Frank Leslie Strong, 1893–1933 and Edna Marie Kennedy, 1893–1963. Frank Leslie Strong is the son of John Har­vey Strong,son of Dud­ley Smith Strong, etc.

    I was born in Miami, Florida July 19, 1926. Returned to Peo­ria, Illi­nois in about 1926 because of Hur­ri­cane. Then to Texas in about 1929. Frank Leslie Strong was killed in an auto acci­dent in Lib­erty, Texas in 1933 leav­ing a wife and two daugh­ters. First daugh­ter was Shirley Ethel Strong Ellis, 1916–1951.

    Mail­ing address: 115 Gem­stone Kings­land, Texas 78639

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